Thursday, December 24, 2009

haze hazier haziest

got out of the toom, balcony but there was no more. strectvhed ahead an elevated water level. this is my parents countryt house. irecognise the location. i look at 2 o clock, where the seaview is, where we have witnessed endless sunsets, all this is inherent truth as i walk out, all this is information i carry wirh elevated sea level, this is clearly the work of climatic change, or a cataclysmic sotmrm now two images compete for my attention, i konw walklook ahread at 12 o clock, the ater is way inside the house, there is no ugly iunfinished house site accross the dirt road. no more, illegally builtillegally licensed house with loads and loads of grape vines waiting to inhabit the walle stretch. this will nbe overlooking would be overlooking the same viesw of the sea as fro m our house, but i stop know as this inhernet truth no more it s only fresh interpreation as i recount no more little house at 11 o clock either at the hill across where m recently decesaed from macancer and c the civinl engineer husband of hers who always luahged at her expense, this house no morethis hfamily no more,mno more t the son, the gay chef either or d whose whereaboutsi m not ware all this is inherrnt truth as i look and these two images compete and the water level way inside the house now, paradoxiaxally there no elextricity wires ewither the eucalyptus by the doorgate is still there, looking around i cannt believe what am seeing, like what am seening, is beautiful. no embarassment frot the place. there is clearly more people inside the house, but no familiatr faces. its beautiful, and so is the secong image, omcing from exacly whee it should ne comeing a violet sunset, spilled over the sea, it s dsea no more, its a lake, no water taxis, no parking lotsall coversed in thiese people gone...where are they? there is comfort but there is a threat. isolationg.not a problem. there is supplies for ever? water level will rise more, its clearlyt a threat. ireturn in the house, am about to discover who is in there, i felt the presence of somebofy but as i was coming out i didnt know who it was aiam in bed,in my parent s bedroom, but it s not located in the smae geography of the house, is somewhate more in the middle..there is a huge bed, there is two girls, women, completely naked, i lie among themnaked too, iwas naked all thsi timemust have benn we touch each toehr, casually, we dont make love..nnoneed for of the m has a fir skin, long hair, short in the foehad, she has nose and clit pierced, we touch we are very comfortable...there is more people in the house, we talk, i am euphoric from what i have seen, but o idont talk about this, they caress eachother, i get up, i must meet the other people. there are urgent matters to e b addresssed. but no anxietty...itsno akward leaving the houserrom imean... we need to build a glass dome, we are in a round room.library, it remings me of london library. it s aboutr four or them. they have aridiculous idea on how to build a dome, i disagree and i ma vocal about it, i m nor going to let it go, i point them to the direction of the library, i know my methodology, i illustrate the fallcies of their logique they dont like it, i am outnumbered but i nknow i am right, they yield...we only need the dome, we remain there protected, isolated from the world, we will be safe , wie will underwater...the people now are more fmailirear my father shoesws up there somehow

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