Monday, November 8, 2010


as in transit, i ve grown accustomed
and i am not bothered to utter the manner likewise again
and yet my tongue, audacious dares to entertain the notion again
and bored, and tired yet with hope
as if i 've never been here before, and yet, countless times i 've layed my eyes upon
such here

and i ve got the field, before me, with fruits ripe and sunbeams stretching along
but some obscure force, as ever, dragging me away, struggling to convince me that
down the depths of the paradigmatic there is bound to be some logical mistake
but logically, sliding down the depths of the paradigmatic, i returned exactly where i begun
on the verge of the field, before me, with fruits ripe and sunbeams stretching along

words with fewer letters, such as i, and, so, what, why, not, and air and signals that get through despite all the noise
you can call this the problem with these terms
but you have to remember that this is the problem
and you got be able to retell
plus there is all these commas, the fullstops, the dashes...all those punctuation marks that i have been using wrong.

i have but to marvel the consistency of the problem, and its ever imaginative way of it reasserting itself, until i am imaginative enough to call it something else, and it obeys me permanently. the more i write, the more it evades me. setting my course towards it, but it likewise.

so i am closing down. i am moving my voting rights to the centre of athens where i live, i will unsubscribe from the monocle, and honestly, i am not drinking another decaf
no, i m closing down, seriously
seeriously seriously
seriously y y y