Thursday, December 10, 2009


- so, you are saying i am not playing right

- i didn't say anything

- yes, but you have implied it

- i find this arguable. have i asked you to participate in anything?

- well, directly i have to admit that you haven't

- we never agreed to play no game, neither the one, you seem to be having in your mind or any other game for that matter

- we play games, anyhow, all the time

- yes, maybe, involuntarily but you speak of roles

- if we play games, there must be roles

- but then we must know, the point of the game.

- what's the point of the game, no really ?

- stop playing around

- you see!


- take my hand, i feel like dancing tonight

- this sounds like a line from a film

- ok! let me think...the toaster is off, your mother dropped by this morning, they can't keep the dog for Christmas after all, i like this song, take my hand, dance with me a bit, i m so tired, but i feel like dancing tonight

(dancing now)

- mmm, you never made this movement before

- oh well i feel inspired

- do you think our bodies know grammar too?

- how do you mean ?

- i mean do you think our hands converse in space, similarly to words?... do you think that by touching you like that

(touching softly in the elbow)

i have excluded a multitude of other possibilities of touching you

- it seems so...nevertheless you have chosen to touch me exactly like that, and no other way

- and what does this now, say about me ?

- mmmm, you 've never said something like this before


- we are going to be late

- what time it is ?

- it is 8.38

- when does it start ?

- 9.30

- we 'll be fine

- please hurry up, we got to pick stella up with the car, i hate it when we get there late, what are you doing anyway?

-nothing...coming, right away...

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