Thursday, October 22, 2009

semi breve...

a temporary stop/a break in a verse/a brief suspension of the voice to indicate the limits and relations of sentences and their parts/temporary inaction especially as caused by uncertainty, hesitation/ the sign denoting a fermata/a mark (as a period or comma) used in writing or printing to indicate or correspond to a pause of voice/ a reason or cause for pausing (as to reconsider)/a function of an electronic device that pauses a recording


  1. plz/defrag/////decodingonprocess//////dontgetinthemaze/////rewindplay/////////////

  2. c:/system/ok/inevitably/simple/ha/simple/yes.exe

  3. I had stopped reading for a long time... then i came accross "the fermata" by Nicholson Baker a few years ago. I started reading again.. pause..

    I dont understand about
    the weather outside
    or the harmony in a tune
    or why somebody lies
    there's solace a bit for submitting
    to the fitfully cryptically true
    what's happened has happened
    what's coming is already on the way

  4. αν και καθυστερημένα σου στέλνω μια απάντηση με το σημερινό post (way after this summer)...
    έχουμε άραγε την δύναμη να ...παύσουμε