Saturday, September 25, 2010

lost trajectories

now if i turn my head, sideways, looking away, will you cease to be ?
are you really there, when i m not looking ?
are you here, take a t, or give
will you was, were you will
is this the thing. this the pillow case. the purple duvet cover. the antique bedside table.
that dream, the breath, those steps
the trivial, the burning,
the bloodcells. the words. the story of some past, yet to happen that lies ahead. give an a,
(or take)
here lies. and truths. and all in between. and those bursting out from the cracks, and right in

beyond the measured and the named, yet right within it. meas...uring,
is this a question that i care to answer
who is the murderer of cause. this a question. (which is a yes, or no, an one or a two, a right or a wrong,true and false)

1 comment:

  1. only the theory decides what can be observed

    einstein to heisenberg
    the uncertainty principle