Sunday, September 6, 2009

i stole the idea from tim allen

iii am tense
i sit in the sofa
i sometimes lie
iiii watched the red convertible ferrari enter the hilton
i didn't anticipate that
i despise the i's
iiii have now slept with my father
ii felt the heat of my revenge in her eyes as we were sweating in her new ikea bed that we assembled together
iii am and can be funny
i just called her my father
i eyed the lingering of the pine
iii haven't been to the army
iii was born to working class parents
iiiii made this specific demographic
i love avocado
i have spoken the unspeakable
iii constantly am looking for context
iiii randomly censor my i
i though never my eye
iii have also slept with my mother
ii caressed her long black hair
ii choose my words
i and time
i like and use words like sofa, irrigation, egotism, indulgence
iii like the looks of the word transit
iii project my indulgence to you
i cheated on quantitative methods
iii make references too
ii am dialectic
i find this arguable
i have also called her my mother
iii take you for granted
i am a brother to two sisters for instance
iii enjoy meeting my friends sunday daytime
i named my dog argos
iiii have now killed my mother
ii have left her one night last september to go for a drink
i am typing
i rode a certain stream of consciousness
i have left my mother for my father
iiii think that that's fair
ii must admit it's only reasonable
i'm going to anagrammatize reason able in this line son bae real
iii wished to illustrate the existence of such liberties
i like scifi films
iii walk in pitch dark
i am holding hands
iii am blinking my left eye
i skype with NYC almost every night
i play the guitar
i really planned to tackle this in single line sentences
iiii failed
i iii i i suck in grammar
i said "-i meant well "
iii have not consented to become a wedding trophy
iii don't readily claim injustice
i. ii. iii. ...
i thus killed my father too
iii am gemini
i and the symbol i
iii sometimes ponder upon the demonization of incest
i consider the conclusions of such pondering obvious
ii simply i,
iii could possibly clarify by adding that such conclusions are related to my quest for the unspeakable
i must now say someting like oups! i guess
i feel that you may don't know why
iiiii am wikipedia, and facebook and global warming
iii a certain space occupy
i and me, and you, and consistency
iiiiiii i am tb, rss, fto bmi
iiii have not coined the term "unspeakable"
i saw that cockroach too
iii am a villager of the world
i is i if and only if i is i
i. never I
i m here and now
i sometimes lie
iii some times not knowingly, lie


  1. so you saw the bloody roach too!oups!
    i,i,i,i, (puerto rico)
    hope you don't see me devouring the jar of marmelade right now, oups-ha
    (no privacy by definition for the paranoid)
    i-class 2mrow!

  2. you can freely indulgence on your jam sis!!
    sometimes i only reach as far as my eyes can, for all the rest, i could be borrowing i.e. yours
    oups! (strictly)
    class μ2

    ps.i. puerto rico ? :)))))
    ps.ii. xxxxxx

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  4. an i for an i can have a great meaning in this sense
    (just wanted to rephrase it...)

  5. Oups! Vs Oust!

    the quantitative without the qualitative doesn't mean much...

  6. oups! ...mistake

    (hint: the code is the message)


  7. lalangue is always more than we think

  8. meanwhile ...

    an i for an i
    one has to live one has to die ?


  9. yes
    well put!it's the same one, right?

    we'll be missing you today re

  10. how can it be the same ?

    will be missing you...have missed are there now...



    laiki sofia...